ATTENTION: For those who are seeking clarity in speech understanding & hearing on Par with Natural Hearing

Hearing Specialist Paul Barry

Discover What You Need To Know About The Secret To Hearing Conversations Especially In Noisy Situations Like Restaurants

The secret is in the brain. We hear with our brain and not with our ears especially when trying to understand conversations in noisy environments like restaurants.

New breakthroughs in treatment technology make it possible to restore hearing clarity on par with natural hearing. This revolution is changing lives for so many of our patients and we want the next success-story to be you!

Many patients report hearing on par with natural hearing

Have you ever repeated this?

What? I can’t hear you. What did you say? Can you talk louder? I can’t understand what you are saying

The #1 reason why patients come and see me is because friends and family urge them to come in. Why? Because they are frustrated with their loved one’s ability to understand the conversation.

It's not your fault!

As we age, speech understanding in noise becomes more and more difficult. In fact, many people with normal hearing, understand as little as 50% of what is being said when dealing with background noise!

Today’s treatment technology has advanced so rapidly that we no longer make things louder. Today’s technology works with the brain to translate speech to the brain.

Many patients report hearing on par with natural hearing

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