Meet Hearing Instrument Specialist Paul Barry

Paul Barry, BS, BC-HIS

I often get asked how I ended up becoming a hearing care provider. Well, as a young child my mother said I always wanted to be a … fireman. That didn’t work out for me, however, I do have two nephews who are firefighters that I can live vicariously through.

After college, I began my career in sales and sales management for several large corporations. Eventually, I landed with a manufacturer of pathology equipment and spent my days in hospital laboratories discussing the merits of a particular tissue processing machine; or in a purchasing agent’s office who was trying to reduce the cost of microscope slides. Those days turned into weeks and months and years.

At the same time, my wife Maureen and I were raising four children. As our family grew through those same years and the kids were learning how to be responsible adults, I had a chance meeting with someone from the “hearing” industry who thought I’d make a great provider. I asked to observe one of his offices the very next day and I was hooked. I saw a woman come into the office to get her hearing aids for the first time and was able to witness the joy of mom being able to hear again, and her daughter thrilled that mom wouldn’t have to struggle. It was powerful.

I thought about pathology supplies and while they are important, how much of a difference was I really making if a lab manager could squeeze a few more “widgets” into a budget? It wasn’t long before I was an apprentice Hearing Instrument Specialist.

I became licensed in MA and RI, dispensing hearing aids for large national companies. I earned my Board Certification. As a regional manager for a multi-clinic New England based practice, I also became licensed in NH and ME. My job involved managing the difficult fittings in each office and making sure people heard the best they could.

Making a Difference Every Day

Over 20 years of dispensing hearing aids, two particular encounters come to mind. The first involved a couple in their late 80’s shuffling into the office, each holding on to the other for support. His lips were literally next to her ears as he shouted simple directions, “WE’LL SIT OVER HERE, DEAR.” Eventually, when I put hearing aids into her ears for the first time, he turned away from her towards me and asked me, “Do you think she’ll be able to hear?” When she answered “I heard you” they both were overcome with emotion.

More recently, while closing up the office after hours, a young woman walked in and asked, “Are you Paul?” Jokingly, I replied, “Why? Does he owe you any money?” She laughed and told me who she was and that I had recently fit her husband with hearing aids and added, “Thank you for giving me my husband back.”

These encounters are examples of why I love being a Hearing Instrument Specialist and making a difference in my patient’s lives. I’m committed to providing high-quality, personable hearing care to patients of Norwood Hearing Center every day. I look forward to welcoming you to our hearing care family!

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