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Understanding Speech

Especially in Noise


Ringing In The Ears​


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Hearing Loss

& Associated Risks

Turn Your Hearing Loss To Hearing Life

Speech Understanding

The Norwood team will help improve your ability to understand what is being said in conversations and help reconnect you with the ones you love.

Speech in Noise

We offer powerful treatment technology that will dramatically improve your ability to understand speech in noise especially in noisy restuarants, places of worship and social gatherings.

Hearing Loss

Improve your hearing, in many cases on par with natural hearing and restore clarity for a better listening experience.

Tinnitus Relief

Reduce or eliminate the ringing in the ears through advanced tinnitus treatments.

Invisible hearing Solutions

Improve your hearing through invisible hearing solutions.

Reduce Health Risk

Reduce the health risks associated with hearing loss like dementia, the risk of falling, cognitive decline and improve your memory recall.

Paul Barry, BS, BC-HIS

Becoming a Hearing Care Provider

As a young child my mother said I always wanted to be a … fireman. That didn’t work out for me, however, I do have two nephews who are firefighters that I can live vicariously through...